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Tomáš Drtina

Software Architect, InfoSec Enthusiast, Network Tinkerer

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About Me

Making sure our AI/ML models are connected with our FE apps. Everything from BE (servers, DBs, containers, etc.) to CI/CD and other DevOps, from architecture to development. Passionate about making sure everything is secure.

Rust language and networking have a special place in my heart ❤️.

Work Experience

Software Architect, DevOps Engineer, Tech Lead - Blindspot Solutions (2015 - Present)

In Blindspot my main focus is on backend services development. I cooperate with frontend teams to design and implement APIs and secure them, but also with AI/ML teams to connect backend service to their models.

I'm also helping to manage internal servers and our cloud services as DevOps engineer or sometimes even as an administartor.

Work Projects

Logistics processes optimization(August 2019 - April 2020)

  • Building an optimization tool for logistics operators to improve the onboarding of new employees and new processes.
  • Built on Blindspot's Optimus platform
  • Hybrid deployment to Azure Cloud and on-prem Azure Stack.
  • Integration with client's AD using SAML and using mutual-TLS for all communication.
tech lead, architect, lead backend developer, DevOps/deployment/security
Kotlin, Spring Boot, JPA/Hibernate, PostgreSQL, Docker, Terraform
Cloud technologies:
Azure Cloud (Azure Web Services, Azure Database for PostgreSQL, Azure Blob Storage, Azure DataLake Storage, Azure API Management), Azure Stack (Azure Web Services)

Custom AI image processing app(February 2021 - May 2021)

  • Creating Node.js/TypeScript-based API deployed as Azure Web Service.
  • AI models deployed as Python microservices, including GPU-based neural network service.
  • Deployed to Azure Cloud using custom-built VM image using Packer.
  • Job orchestration built using Azure Service Bus.
architect, backend developer, DevOps engineer
TypeScript, Node.js, Packer, Python, PostgreSQL, Azure Service Bus

Customization of ARIS platform for a custom client deployment(July 2021 - January 2022)

  • Customization of Blindspot's ARIS platform ( for a client's customer support center.
  • Deployment to customer's on-premise servers, Microsoft 365 Graph API integration, and customer's RPA processes.
backend developer, DevOps engineer
Kotlin, Spring Boot, Docker, PostgreSQL, Python, Scala

Improvement of client's internal CI/CD pipelines and developer productivity(April 2020 - Now)

  • Writing NixOS tests in QEMU VM
  • Adding new Jenkins jobs
  • Optimizing Docker images
  • Improving speed, cacheability and robustness of tests
DevOps engineer
NixOS, systemd, Jenkins, Bash, GreenplumDB, Python, Scala, Go

Custom chatbot application(March 2022 - Now)

  • Creating multi-tenant application based on Google Cloud Functions.
  • Creating REST and message-based API for GPU inference microservices.
  • Deployment of chat microservices to Google Kubernetes Engine with GPU nodes.
architect, DevOps, ML developer
Python, Kubernetes, Terraform, TypeScript/Node.js
Cloud technologies:
Google Kubernetes Engine, Google Filestore, Google Cloud Functions, Firebase Authentication, Firebase Realtime Database